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Could be fun.  You didn't provide an E-mail in the text, so that's why 
writing here.

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Hello Steve, Dale, and all:

My wife, Carol, had an idea, concerning trying to get people together for a
time of cooking, and generally meeting each other.

It would be a time of about 2-3 days in Houston, Tx. If possible.

We could have time when a person, or persons could share their recipes, and
trade recipes in a face to face manner.

The cost for a hotel and other things would need to be worked out, but we
thought we would ask if people would be thinking about this idea.

Since we didn't have a direct email in our address book for Dale Campbell or
Steve Stuart, we sent this to the list in general.

Please consider, and give your comments privately, rather than on the list,
in order to avoid clutter.


John and Carol McConnell

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