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Hi John McConnell,
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> Hello Steve, Dale, and all:
> My wife, Carol, had an idea, concerning trying to get people together for 
> a
> time of cooking, and generally meeting each other.
> It would be a time of about 2-3 days in Houston, Tx. If possible.
> We could have time when a person, or persons could share their recipes, 
> and
> trade recipes in a face to face manner.
> The cost for a hotel and other things would need to be worked out, but we
> thought we would ask if people would be thinking about this idea.
> Since we didn't have a direct email in our address book for Dale Campbell 
> or
> Steve Stuart, we sent this to the list in general.
> Please consider, and give your comments privately, rather than on the 
> list,
> in order to avoid clutter.
> Respectfully,
> John and Carol McConnell
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