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They sell pancake pans that work well. They assist with turning because you simply turn the pan. I have always used a griddle. I heat it and then mix up my batter. I can post my favorite recipe if you'd like. You can also buy a mix and just follow the directions. I then put oil or butter in the pan and spread with the pancake turner or spatula. My favorite is an old-fashioned metal one. I then drop about 1/4 cup of batter into the pan. I measure it with a measuring cup and tap the cup on the side of the bowl to get the excess off so it doesn't drip. Then I  cook for abou 30 to 45 seconds and check the side. If the batter on the side feels cooked (I use the tip of my spatula and gently lift a little and touch carefully with a finger). I then slide my spatula under the pancake and turn it. You can practice flipping a round disk similar to a pancake in a cold pan till you get the hang of it. The pancake pan rquires that you simply test the pancake side and if it is ready, you close the lid of the pan and flip the whole thing over. That way, you don't have to flip the pancake itself. Hope this helps.
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I hear making pancakes is visual. What is the best way for a blind person to
make pancakes and what do most people use to make pancakes. What I mean by
that is I hear you can make pancakes on griddles, on the stove, etc. Do
people just buy the dogh Thanks.



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