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how much chicken can you put in it?  i mean about 1 or 2 chicken breast 
at a time?  this seems neat, but our household is around 11 people when 
everyone eats together.

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> Hello the one I just purchased at Walmart is a Farberware and it only hats the temperature dial and timer.
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>> The one I purchased from Amazon is the
>> "Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer..."
>> It only has a temperature dial and the timer dial. The other ones I looked at had touch screens.
>> Charis
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>> Does anyone have a mottle and make for their air fryer? I know one of
>> you talked about the Actifry, but I cannot seem to locate one that
>> does not ahe a digital touch pad itnerface.
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>>> Jennifer,
>>> Sorry for taking so lon to get back to you I don't read my e mails that
>>> often.
>>> There are only the two buttons on the top of the fryer near the back. they
>>> are raised when off and when pushed in they are on. For the timer button you
>>> just push it down as many times as and each is one minute. Then like the on
>>> off button you push it in all the way and the timer starts. The instructions
>>> are really simple and it also came with a nice cookbook.
>>> I am not that great at explain things so I hope I didn't screw up. smile
>>> Shannon
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