[CnD] Wieners and Sour Kraut:

brenda mueller brendin at smart2.net
Sat Mar 26 07:15:11 EDT 2016

I would never freeze sour kraut, just keep it stored in the 
refrigerator in its bag.  After all, it's sour kraut.

If I were to cook sour kraut and wieners in the crockpot, I'd use 
one portion of meat to every two of kraut.  (for example one 
pound of wieners to two pounds of kraut.).

First drain the kraut; put half the kraut in the bottom of the 
crockpot.  Dice your wieners, and add them.  Next, cover with the 
rest of the kraut.  Add about a tablespoon of sugar and four to 
six ounces of water.  Now cook on high three to five hours.  
That's if you're serving it the same day.  I always cook my kraut 
the day before, let cool overnight, and reheat the next day. That 
way the meat and kraut flavors combine thoroughly.

Brenda Mueller

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