[CnD] Air Fryers

Gregory Yorke gyorke at verizon.net
Sun Apr 10 18:39:40 CEST 2016

I ordered an Air Fryer from QVC last week and it has not been delivered yet.

It is the 1500 wat model.

I heard a demonstration on it,  and the Philips fryer on the ACB show.

This is why I decided to go with the QVC model.

I like French fries, but I will not use a deep fat fryer. 

I am curious to try it.

It sounds like a convection oven on steroids.

The fryer was around $116.00 not on sale.  There was tax and a $7.00
shipping charge.

I will give my opinion after I use it for a while.


On a different note,

the pressure cooker has got my attention too, being that my mother used one
when I was a kid.


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