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I really appreciate your offer of generosity and the info for those who 
missed out on it.  It sure is the right time of year for such a book to be 
used.  I'm not sure how you can beat some good outdoor cooking, or, for that 
matter, some indoor imitation of good outdoor cooking through the use of 
your oven.  Barbecued ribs!!  Good eatin'!

If you think you're finished, you! really! are! finished!!
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Thank you to all who emailed me about the braille 2-volume barbecue
cookbook. Someone has claimed it. Sorry I don't have more copies.

The book's full title is Finger Lickin' Rib Stickin' Great Tastin' Hot &
Spicy Barbecue and

is still available from National Braille Press as an ebraille download for
$6.95. it is under the our bookstore link and then all books; on page 4 for
those who may want to purchase one.

Thanks again for the interest.


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