[CnD] Speaking of Barbecued Ribs:

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Cut! that! out!!  Just thinking of that smell has now gotten me in the mood 
for ribs!!  Gotta wait until next month, though.  It's near the end of both 
the month and my bank account, if you catch my meaning.  It's time for me to 
buy some wood chunks, some ribs, some barbecue sauce, and other outdoor 

If you think you're finished, you! really! are! finished!!
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Years ago I used to make barbecued ribs; well, I cheated a little.  I would 
get ribs in the groceries store and a bottle of Open Pit Barbecue Sauce. 
Back at home it was a simple matter of putting the ribs in a crockpot, 
making liberal use of that sauce, and cooking those ribs on high for the 
first hour, switching to low, and going to bed.  In the morning I would turn 
off the crockpot first thing, grind my morning coffee, and go off to take a 
bath and get dressed for work.  After my morning coffee, I would put the 
removable crock in the refrigerator.  After work I'd make whatever I wanted 
with the ribs.

I even took those ribs to an in-office luncheon we had.  They all 
disappeared!  Just a thought about barbecue, and I loved the way it made the 
house smell.

Brenda Mueller

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