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I appreciate all the suggestions I received about how to best fill muffin cups.

Lori C.

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> Wow, I love the idea of the final with a wide opening at the smaller end. I am going to get one to use with a set of special scoops I have. I got them at bed bath and beyond. There are three scoops in the set, each one of them corresponds to the three regular size muffin tin pans. One for the mini muffins, one for the standard size muffins, and one for the supersized muffins. Thanks so much for such a wonderful tip!
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> Yes, in the canning supplies section. Here's a link at Amazon.com:
> http://www.amazon.com/Back-Basics-Canning-Funnel-176/dp/B000FKHLOS
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>> And you can get this anywhere like Walmart? Thanks for the tip
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>>> This is how I fill muffin tins. What you need is a funnel. The funnel that
>>> works for filling muffin tins is called a canning funnel -- also sometimes
>>> a "jar filler." It has a wide top and a wide opening at the bottom, wide
>>> enough to fit inside a half-pint-size canning jar. Stick the funnel inside each greased muffin cup, scoop in a third-to-a-half cup of batter, then
>>> move on to the next muffin cup. It also helps to cover the top of the pan with a light film of oil or butter so it's easy to remove any cooked-on
>>> batter drips. The canning funnel -- make sure to buy one made of metal! --
>>> is also a perfect biscuit and round cookie cutter, and an excellent guide
>>> for distributing pancake batter into a griddle.HTH, Penny
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>>>> Hi, Everyone,
>>>> I love muffins, and I enjoy baking them. But I do not enjoy filling the
>>>> muffin cups with batter, and no matter what technique I try, it is a
>>>> messy job. I have used a small scoop, a collapsible measuring cup, and even just a table spoon, but still it's messy.
>>>> Does anyone have a technique for filling muffin tins with little mess.
>>>> Thanks.
>>>> Lori

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