[CnD] Question about the trim healthy mama recipes?

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Bookshare has both books: Trim Healthy Mama: No More Fads copyright 2012  and Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook  copyright 2015 by 
Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison 

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Hi I wondered how many of you have heard of the trim healthy mama 
recipes?  They are 2 sister's that wrote the book.

If you have not heard of the recipes or the book I encourage you all to 
check it out.  The only thing is it's not on audio yet.  I sent a 
message to one of the companies that does the book a year or so ago.  
The first book came out in 2014, and they said they are not putting it 
on audio yet.

The reason I like the recipes is that they use almond and coconut flour.

If you are interested in the book and recipes I encourage all of you to 
call the library for the blind and request trim healthy mama.  If enough 
people call in then possibly they will put it on audio.

We need more health and cook books.

Another book I believe is on audio is J J virgin it is along the same 
lines as trim healthy mama.

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