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The first time I ever had it was when Zachary and I were dating 
and he invited me to one of his family reunions. It was at Bear 
Lake {hence the name, Bear Lake Trail Mix}, a popular lake in 
northern Utah and his aunt, Kimberly, whipped out a couple 
Tupperwares of this stuff. I could not get enough of it the entire 
time we were there! It has become my favorite go-to snack mix 
ever since.
2 bags regular Chex Mix
1 bag Bugles
1 bag Chocolate Chip Teddy Grahams {I couldn't find these, 
so I used Mini Chips Ahoy}
1 bag Pretzel M&M's
1 bag Licorice Bits
I bag Swedish Fish
1 bag Goldfish crackers
Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
Try not to eat yourself sick. {Trust me - once you start, it's 
impossible to stop.}
Cup of recipes

"I Rather Walk In Darkness With God, Than To Walk Alone In The Light"

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