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I love trying different types of potatoes.  Russets are great for the classic baked potato and mashed potatoes. For potato salad, I like half red, half fingerling.  Yukon Golds are great for both baking and salads.  My potato salad has whatever kind of potatoes I have, boiled, sliced, and while hot, adding a bit of Italian dressing.  Peeling is optional.  When they are cool, toss with mayo.  Add chopped celery, black olives, and radishes.  We could have days of threads for mashed potatoes.  The secret is a potato ricer.  You squeeze the cooked potato through a cup with holes, along with slices of butter.  Then stir in salt and optional ingredients such as roasted garlic and pepper.
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Instead of boiling potatoes, I cook them in the slow cooker, then use the potatoes any way I want-I can slice them and fry them or oven-cook them further, or cut them for potato salad if I am using them.

I just put some red potatoes in, and they wil be done in three hours.  I am going to make some potato salad.  I am in the mood for some with some chicken, or perhaps, something else.





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