[CnD] making watermelon rind pickles

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Hi gail
Here is what works for me.
The outerlayer(grind) is the hardest part(green in color)
Then the bitter layer is white.
The pulp is red and is sweeter than the white layer.
This is how I can tell whether I get some of the white or the red.
I start to cut the melon and try to get about half an inch from the outer layer. I cut the first slice and then taste it, if I get some bitterness then I know I cut to low, so I keep trying till I get it right.
The white layer isn't bad but it is not sweet and you can taste the difference.
Since I usually cut them up in little bite size squares and place in a fruit bowl I  find it easier for me this way.
I know the colors and the difference because I was sighted before so I was able to see exactly what watermelons look like.
You just need to find what works for you.
Remember there is no right or wrong way to do what you need to do as long as you find what what works for you.
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I'm looking at a Watermelon Rind Pickle recipe.
It says to remove the green part of the skin.
Is this the very outside layer?
Also, does anyone know how much of the meat on the inside of the melon must be removed?
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