[CnD] recipes tried by blind people

Jeanne Fike jfike636 at charter.net
Tue Jul 19 21:03:40 CEST 2016


I have no stake in thiscookbook, but pass it along for your consideration.
(I have bought several cookbooks from her.) Marjorie Arnott of Chandler, AZ
sells a cookbook with recipes by blind people.  (below my name is the
description.) Her website is www.copper-dots.com and they are also on
blindmicemegamall. They are sent either in braille or she will send it

Meals Across the Miles:      A friend and I have compiled a cookbook with
recipes which have been tried and tested by blind people. Some of the
recipes have even been invented by them. Fina's Mexican Stew, Fina's Tuna
Salad, Marjorie's Hash Brown Casserole, Bill's Fried Chicken, Million Dollar
Pie, Best Ever Fudge, and lots more. In two volumes.  $30 

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