[CnD] Go for it!!!!

Naima Leigh nleigh2016 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 21:16:52 CEST 2016

Hi Bill,

I'm on my second one and can't live without it.

It's like a part of me. You can cook almost anything on it.

I have the small one, I got it around Black Friday so it was dirt cheap.
They don't cost a lot of money. Mine cost $10 and some change then .

The bigger one like the In Door-Out Door Grill cost about $70 and some

I got mine at Walmart, that's where I found the bigger one too. You can
cook: hot dogs, ham, sausage, burgers, chicken paddies, fish, hash browns,
cheese sandwiches and a lot more. I have the one where the plates don't come
off. I recommend if you can get the one that will detach so you can clean
them easier and switch up. The one's that detach come with a griddle
pan-omelet pan for cooking more items.

Mine clicks when the food is done and has a red light and some others beep
to let you know what to do next.

Whatever one you get it is a very good investment and will last you for a



Happy Shopping!



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