[CnD] Sugar's Jello & Cottage Cheese Fruit salad

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Sugar's Jello & Cottage Cheese Fruit salad	

What I use:
1 small box)4ounces?) of Sugar-Free Jello(I use strawberry)
1, 12 ounce sugar-Free vanilla cool whip(thawed)
I like to use 2  containers because we like it creamy)
1, 16 ounce of fruit cocktail(I use variety of fruit in water or juice-don't
matter since you will drain it)
 And I usually use a 24 ounce can since we like it with a lot of fruit
1 24 ounce low-fat cottage cheese(you can use less if you wish)

Drain fruit cocktail well.
Cook Jello as instructed with 2 cups of boiling water and 2 cups cold water
In a sauce pan I place 2 cups of water and let it get hot till a small boil.
Then I add jello and mix with a whisk or fork till contents are totally
dissolved or till I can't feel any lumps
Then I add the 2 cups of cold water and keep whisking for about 5-7 minutes
all together or till no more lumps are felt.
Remove from heat
In a large bowl(I have to use a large punch bowl since I make a lot
Place the mixture in,adding the thawed cool whip, fruit cocktail and cottage
Mix well till the texture is a bit thick.
Once there is a balance or texture feels the same throughout place in the
fridge over night.
It will not be as steady or thick as regular Jello because of the cool whip
but it is really good and it's a favorite of ours.

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