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Who is this list designed for?

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I've been reading the responses, at least the ones I get, (I filter some 
folks here because of their interaction style, so I don't get everything in 
my inbox) and there are a few things that I think might be good to consider.
First, not everyone here is completely blind. Blindness is a wide array of 
visual situations, so what may be completely inaccessible for someone might 
be no problem for another. Are we also expected to account for neuropathy, 
which is a common adjunct to a couple of the most common reasons for later 
onset blindness? If we do then we're going to get very few recipes after all 
the possible factors are accounted for.
We are blind people functioning in a sighted world. This means it's a good 
idea for developing coping mechanisms. If a recipe is completely free of any 
sighted elements that's great, and I support the "Tried and True" label in 
the message subject for those recipes. But we don't live in a world where 
others are going to do things just so we can participate equally, so we have 
to work out or ask to find out what these visual cues mean in terms of time, 
texture, and scent. I make sure to do this whenever I'm posting a recipe 
from one of the cooking sessions I attend once a month. But I also ask the 
chef what "when the juices run clear" means and other useful things like the 
palm test for grilled steaks, as just one example. Learning these skills 
will open up Avast array of recipes for you to use and make you far less 
dependent on assistance from others.
One more thing -- Dale Campbell owns this list. Steve Stewart moderates it. 
And they've been crystal clear in their list rules -- if you've got a 
problem, take it to them. Don't. Post. It. On. The. List. "Maling list cops" 
tend to solve nothing and create more discord themselves. Let the folks who 
run the list handle things, like they've asked us to.

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