[CnD] Trying something out

Marie Rudys marmusic at succeed.net
Wed Jul 20 06:24:03 CEST 2016

Hello, All!


I am trying something out: I took 1 dozen eggs, beat them in a container, 3
smal peppers diced, a package of Farmer John's sausage links, cut up, mixed
them together.  I will be cooking them in my toaster oven on the convection
setting tomorrow morning.  I don't have any regular bread, but I can cut
what I want of the egg-sausage mix and wrap it in a tortilla for a breakfast


I know it wil be good.  Oh, and you can season to taste with salt and
pepper.  If you are watching the sodium, go easy on the salt.  If you ike a
little spicy, well, freshly ground black pepper does it for me.


I am willing to improve the recipe if it needs it.  I know that a variation
of it cals for bread on the bottom and letting it sit overnight in the
fridge.  Another idea I thought of is maybe making cornbread batter, then
putting it on top and cooking it like an upside down strata.  Just a




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