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Another thought on that recipe I sent last night:  I am going to cook this egg mixture in my cupcake pans.  So, one egg "cupcake" is one serving for me.  I also remembered I have some muffins I baked some time ago, and can have one of these with the egg and sausage thing for breakfast.

Of course, you can also cook this on the stove if you wish.  This is a flexible recipe.

Next time, I am going to put some grated cheese on top of the egg and sausage mixture.  I don't have any cheese right now.


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Hello, All!


I am trying something out: I took 1 dozen eggs, beat them in a container, 3 smal peppers diced, a package of Farmer John's sausage links, cut up, mixed them together.  I will be cooking them in my toaster oven on the convection setting tomorrow morning.  I don't have any regular bread, but I can cut what I want of the egg-sausage mix and wrap it in a tortilla for a breakfast wrap.


I know it wil be good.  Oh, and you can season to taste with salt and pepper.  If you are watching the sodium, go easy on the salt.  If you ike a little spicy, well, freshly ground black pepper does it for me.


I am willing to improve the recipe if it needs it.  I know that a variation of it cals for bread on the bottom and letting it sit overnight in the fridge.  Another idea I thought of is maybe making cornbread batter, then putting it on top and cooking it like an upside down strata.  Just a thought.




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