[CnD] Mother's Kitchen

Marie Rudys marmusic at succeed.net
Fri Jul 22 05:32:33 CEST 2016

She didn't have a microwave,

No electric skillet or mixer;

No slow cooker,

Or electric can opener.


She did all the cooking on the stove,

Or in the oven.

Everything was from scratch.


When money was very tight,

The egg beaters came out,

For German egg pancakes.


On meatless Fridays,

It was cottage cheese dumplings

Or fried fish.

Also meals for Lent or Easter.


For Easter she would make

A lamb-shaped cake.


We used to make sausages,

On a hand-cranked meat grinder.

I loved watching those sausages coming off

In a long line of big links.


She is gone for many years now,

And I don't have her tools,

They were stolen from me,

By people who didn't know her or care about me.

I don't have her recipes,

But I remember one I sometimes make

With my more modern cooking tools.






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