[CnD] Question: how do you cook and flip pancakes?

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The name of the pan is a griddle. When making pancakes I go for "hot cake" sized, around 2.5-3 inches in diameter, and I don't overfill the griddle so I have room to turn them over without landing on another one of them. This depends on your griddle -- if you have a larger one, like my two burner Circulon model, you can do this with the six inch "pancake" size too. Anything bigger than that, which are sometimes called "flapjacks" or griddle cakes, will probably require pan flipping, and I don't know many blind folks who want to try to flip pancakes by launching them into the air. Note that these are much easier for us to do with a clamshell grill that has removable plates and one of them is a set of flat plates -- in that case it's pretty much like cooking a waffle -- pour the batter on the surface, close it, and time it .

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Hi all,

I’m curious to know how you make pancakes. I would really appreciate it if you go more into the process of flipping it on the wide, flat pans made for cooking pancakes.


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