[CnD] Question: how do you cook and flip pancakes?

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That pan sounds interesting. Think I'll look into it.
If I had the where with all, I'd design a waffle maker that had plates that flip over to be used for pancakes or sold with the pancake plates. I'd also have the waffle/pancake maker have a bell as well as a light.

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I just purchased a pancake pan from blindmicemart.
Before that, I was pancake flipping impaired.
This pan made the difference for me.
It is sort of a shell with four indented cups on the bottom and a smooth top.
Butter both top and bottom.
Make your batter and use an ice cream scoop to put batter in the 
indentations on the bottom of the pan.
Close the lid with the handle on top and cook about a minute on medium or so.
Flip the pan over, literally, and cook another minute.
My pancakes came out of the pan without any sticking or other trouble
This worked for me and I hope works for you.
Some people use tuna cans with the bottom and top removed as a guide 
for the batter.
I was only able to make scrambled batter but you might be better than I.
I hope some day you will be a master of the wonderful pancake, so 
simple and so delicious.
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