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If I am who you are referring to, you are totally missing my points.  Why do 
people not get the points that recipes should be complete in their 
ingredients lists, or that recipes should be modified so that blind people 
do not have to ask questions about how to know when the food has been 
correctly cooked, such as by giving approximate times and temperatures 
rather than saying to bake until it reaches a certain condition that must be 
attained through the use of eyesight?  If the sender knows the tips or 
tricks or help needed by some others to attain the correct results, why not 
include them in the recipe?  Is it that hard or time consuming to do?  And 
if it will help people who cannot see, why shouldn't it be done?

If you think you're finished, you! really! are! finished!!
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My apologies, but I cannot tell who it was that stated he or she hoped
he or she was not unfriendly.  Sometimes, I cannot figure out this
gmail account.  Anyway, Wayne, I think you may have been the one to
make that statement, and, no, you are not the unfriendly one.

I will state this, then unsubscribe, for I am done with the bickering
and bullying that goes on here.  I know it's not a constant thing, but
it's wearing on the nerves.

When Naima began sending her copycat recipes to the list, I thought it
was great!  Most of them I had no intention of making, but I liked to
see how they were done.  Then one person decided for the whole list
that the recipes were not pertinent to the group.  Never mind what
others might feel.  Yes, others did agree with him, and others felt as
I do.  That's why I mentioned hitting the Delete key if a recipe
didn't appeal.  I, for instance, absolutely abhor cream cheese.  When
I read a recipe and I see that ingredient, I delete the recipe without
reading to the end.  I already know I don't want it.  Yet I have never
requested that people don't post things with cream cheese in it.

There are many recipes where one must beat egg whites to a stiff peak.
A lot of blind people are comfortable with this technique; I am not.
Yet I don't get on here and complain about it; I simply hit Delete.

Know your comfort zone and move on!  Why would you deprive others of
something they may enjoy?

Okay, I'll climb down from my soapbox, now, but it's going to be a
long step down!  I will hit the Send button now, then I'm off to

Best to all,


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> I am posting the guide lines so please read.
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> list and greatly increase the time it takes to read through posted 
> messages.
> If you want to thank someone for a recipe please do so off list.
> 4. Please limit posting of multiple recipes to about 5 to 7 per day. You
> take the time to post them, so make sure that they get read. Bombarding 
> the
> list with 10 to 20 recipes will ensure that many are deleted instead of
> read.
> 5. Questions, comments, complaints, and requests for assistance should be
> directed to the list owner or the list moderators for proper handling.
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