[CnD] Moink Balls was Football Food

Courtney Fulghum Smith cmfulghum at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 23:39:19 CEST 2016

Moink Balls
Recipe by Malcom Reed

1 package meatballs, thawed
1 package bacon
Tooth picks
Bar-B-Que rub
18 oz. Bar-B-Que sauce
1/2 cup Apple jelly


Cut bacon in half. Wrap bacon halves around meatballs & secure with a
toothpick.  Season bacon wrapped meatballs with bar-b-que rub. Get your
smoker or grill set at 275 degrees and place these bacon-wrapped meatballs
on the cooker. Because the meatballs are already cooked, you aren’t worried
about the internal temp – but you want to cook until the bacon has a great,
mahogany color. This typically takes 1 – 1.5 hours. I suggest to start
checking on your Moink Balls at the 45 min mark and keep an eye on them
until they have the color you want.
Mix bar-b-que sauce & jelly to make a glaze. Dip each Moink Ball in the
glaze and place it back on your cooker for 10 – 15 minutes to allow that
sauce to set. Once your glaze has set, all that’s left to do is serve and

1. I'm not sure of the sized bag of meatballs I get. It's just the only
size my store carries.
2. The bacon package is about 12-16 oz. when bacon is laying with the strip
running length wise (left to right), cut the slab in half
3. For the bar-b-que rub, I use a brand called "Butt Rub"
4. Use your favorite bar-b-que sauce.

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