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Dulce De Leche

This Dulce de Leche is a recreation from Bacardi of a cocktail found in
Guys and Dolls
for the 2009 Broadway revival of the popular musical. It's a nice drink if 
you like thick chocolate
It is one of those cocktails that you'll either love or hate and is easily 
mistakable for a "milk shake" as Sarah Brown does in the eighth scene of the
musical while she downs multiples without realizing that Bacardi is not a 
"preservative" but a liquor.

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. 1 oz Bacardi rum
. 1/2 oz Dark Godiva Liqueur (or other dark chocolate liqueur)
. 1/2 oz sweetened condensed milk
. pinch of ground cinnamon and shaved chocolate for garnish

1. Pour the ingredients into a
cocktail shaker
with ice.
2. Shake
3. Strain into a chilled
cocktail glass.
4. Garnish with a pinch of cinnamon and chocolate shavings on top.

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