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Nyyki’s Traditional Texas Chili
 Okay, I’m from Texas, and Chili is our state dish, and this recipe is a range chili, where chili came from as we know it. (In Mexico it was more of a sauce than a menu item until after the range influence) This means no beans in the recipe. (Chili was a way to use up meat from a cow or steer that didn’t make it after the steaks were done and as a substitute for beans, which were a last resort food thanks to their shelf life and portability) Add them after cooking the chili if you want them in, as beans can add off flavors to chili if you cook them in the chili. You can also ladle this over rice, crushed crackers, or even cornbread. It’s best with a “Chili meat” grind – this is a larger grind than ground beef. And I make it for flavor, not heat. If you want more heat add red pepper flakes, diced jalapenos, (either fresh or pickled) or hotter peppers like habeneros , or substitute Ro-tel or another tomato and green chile blend to increase the heat level. A good sharp cheddar cheese and/or diced onions are also nice on this. Chili seasonings in envelopes tend to be similar – I sometimes suspect one company makes all the store brands. If you can’t find it in your local store grab some from the web.
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1 med. onion, minced
 2 lb. Of chili meat
 1 lb. Of ground pork sausage
 1 can Tomato sauce
 1 can Of diced tomatoes, Large
 2 tsp. Of cumin
 1 tbsp. Of chili powder
 1 tbsp. Clove fresh chopped garlic
 2 packets Store brand chili seasoning
2 cups of water

Place all ingredients into a large pot. Stir over medium/low heat. Simmer 4 hours, or until
the meat is tender adding water to keep the chili from getting too dry.
Variations: Venison, buffalo, or other game red meats can be substituted for the chili meat. A chicken
based breakfast sausage can be used for the pork sausage. This combination
brings the fat content down to almost nil. You can also add mushrooms. 

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I am in the mood for some chilli.  Any recipes will be appreciated.


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