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I don't have one in particular, though a good homemade biscuit recipe along with a sausage gravy recipe would work wonderfully. Either the Fannie Farmer or Betty Crocker recipes, both of which are available through the NLS and Bard, would do it for the biscuit recipe.
However, that does bring up a funny story. I remember a couple I knew, Gus and Cyn. Cyn was southern with a family rooted in the deep south, while Gus came from Ireland and held a culinary degree from the Culinary School of India. While they were living in Ireland she started missing biscuits and gravy, so she asked him to make them for her. This mystified him, but she waxed poetic about it all the time. So for her birthday after a couple of years he made them for her, still mystified as to why anyone would want such a thing. She saw what he'd done for her, and she was appreciative, but also couldn't stop laughing -- in the United Kingdom "biscuits" are cookies..

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Anyone have a recipe for biscuits and gravy?


Kimsan Song

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