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time to give you some helpful advice.
The artichoke is a pretty versatile vegetable. They make a savory appetizer,
salad or vegetable accompaniment when marinated, either whole or cut
lengthwise in halves. They are also delicious in poultry, beef, pork or lamb
Artichokes complement the flavor of seafood dishes such as sautes, jambalaya
and paella. They get pretty fancy with these in restaurants too.
TIPS FOR PURCHASING (or just grab the a can ;o) Artichokes with soft green
color and tightly packed leaves are the premium quality to select. Fall and
winter artichokes may be darker or bronze-tipped or have a whitish,
blistered appearance due to exposure to light frost. Yet many consider these
frosted artichokes to be the most tender with intense flavor. Avoid
artichokes which are wilting, drying or have mold.
An artichoke will look and taste fresh for up to two weeks if handled
properly. Do not wash before storing. To keep longer than a few days just
drizzle a few drops of water on each artichoke, place in a plastic bag, seal
airtight and refrigerate.
Wash artichokes under running water. Pull off lower outer petals of
artichokes; cut stems to inch or less (if fresh, more stem may be left on.)
Snip off tips of petals, if desired, and keep in acidified water to preserve
green color.
Artichoke Heart Slices:
Bend back outer petals of artichokes until they snap off easily near base.
Edible portion of petals should remain on artichoke base. Continue to snap
off and discard thick petals until central core Of pale green petals is
Cut off stems and top 2 inches of artichokes; discard..
Pare outer dark green layer from artichoke bottoms. Cut in half lengthwise.
Cut out center petals and fuzzy centers.
Dip or rub all surfaces with lemon juice. Cook as directed in recipes.
Basic cooking methods include boiling or steaming, microwaving or a saute.

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