[CnD] making an artichoke

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I haven't done this in a great while, so it's best to look it up on the web for specifics. But the basics are as follows:
Using a pair of kitchen shears, snip the pointed ends off the artichoke leaves. We'd cut about a quarter inch off the top, but the important part is getting rid of the point, as that's what you're going to hold as you eat them.
Artichokes are cooked in a pan with hot water in the bottom, so in effect they're steamed. I can't tell you how long because it's been forever since I fixed them. If you've got just one or two we'd put them in the pan, stem downward, with about an inch of water. With three or more we'd use a steamer basket with water under it.
You can eat them unadorned, but dipping the bottom of each leaf in drawn butter is the traditional way to eat them -- provide individual portions of the butter, like you'd do for lobster or crab legs. Hollandaise is also a common sauce for them. The outer leaves are tough, so you dip the leaf and then hold it between your teeth and pull it out, scraping the good stuff off the inside base of the leaves. The inner more tender leaves are edible in their entirety. The heart, which is between the stem and the leaves, can be used in other dishes that call for it or eaten by itself, either plain or sauced.
A soup bowl or common bowl in the center of the table is useful for the discarded leaves so they don't clutter up the plate.

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I could be way wrong here, but I always thought an artichoke was a type of vegetable, not something to be made.  But I have no idea and like I said I could be wrong. I just didn't think they were manufactured but were grown instead.  Maybe look it up on google.

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> Does anyone on this list know how to make an artichoke?
> I got one as a present and it looks daunting.
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