[CnD] Learning to boil water!

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Hi Hector,

Well, there are quite a number of folks on here that can surely help.  Most of us had to start somewhere, and even though I'm an old lady, I remember when I didn't know how to boil water.  <g<

When using a crock pot, cooking on Low might help.  The nice thing about a recipe is that it gives you some guidance to help you get started.  Once you get some confidence in cooking, you may find that you don't really need that recipe, or you'll start to make changes to suit your personal tastes.

Now about boiling water:  one thing I will say is that when the water is boiling: if you put your hand over the pot, not on the pot, there will be a steady flow of steam when the water is boiling.  <g<

So what's the first thing you'd like to cook?

Deb B.

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Hi everyone:

I'm a blind guy who is wanting to learn how to cook. I don't know much, when it comes to cooking. I am learning to boil water. I am looking for a way to begin. I recently bought a Crock-pot, but I burned the food. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I have never followed a recipe before, and there is many things I don't know.

Please help.


Hector Elias
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