[CnD] aroma rice steamer slow cooker

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Hi Jude,

For your rice/slow cooker’s basket where the holes are too large, perhaps you could line the basket with a paper coffee filter to prevent rice grains from falling through?  Rather than the cone shape coffee filters, you might do better with the flat bottom basket shaped filters that may lay flatter in a rounded basket.  Or, I have a small coffee percolator that only uses a flat sheet that lays in to bottom of the percolator basket these might serve your purpose.


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I have one of these and found when I got it home the holes in the basket 
are too large to prevent rice falling into the water if rice is to be 
steamed.  I think this will work but am not entirely sure.  I put a clean 
cloth handkerchief in the bottom of the basket and figure to put the rice 
on top of the handkerchief when steaming.  Those holes are too small to 
allow any rice to fall into the water.
I have cabbage so could just line the bottom of the basket with cabbage 
leaves and put the rice on the leaves and then steam as another 
Since I'm in an intermediate care retirement program most of what I do is 
warm prepared meals up but sometimes I do a little of my own cooking.  The 
stove has a touch screen panel for the oven and four knobs for the burners 
and it's a gas stove.  It would have been better to have five knobs but I 
wasn't around when the stove was bought and it wasn't anticipated I would 
be living with the stove either.


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