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I have a large size model of the Kureg and I’ve had it for some number of years so don’t remember the exact model. It does not have a touch screen. There are about six buttons on the front; one lets me select the size cup, one starts the brewing for coffee/tea, one is to rinse out where the pod was just used, if I remember another does just hot water for things like instant oatmeal or bullion. There’s a rocker switch on the bottom back side that does a reset when/if it doesn’t start reheating the water or you just want to reset your settings.  Not so difficult once you get the hang of it.  Get someone to go over the buttons when you first get it and you should be okay from there.  You can easily feel all the buttons unless they’ve changed the setup over the years.


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My wife is attempting to talk me in to buying a Keurig, but it seems they
use touch screens. Are there any accessible Keurig machines?
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