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If you want to take this to a new level, replace the Kraft "parmesan" with real parmesano reggiano. It's not that much more expensive, but the flavor is much better, and unlike most "parmesan" products it doesn't contain anything but cheese.

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Sugar's Lasagna


My Daniel just loves all the beef in it!



2lbs of lean beef(4%)

2lbs of mozarela(saving a cup for topping)

1 16oz. Parmesan cheese(kraft in container)

1 1lg container(14 ounce-16 ounce ricotta cheese,(brand precious)

1lg egg

salt and pepper to taste

12 lasagna noodles(boiling 2-3 extras in case one breaks)

1 can black, pitted olives

1sm. green pepper

1sm. red pepper

1sm. red onion

garlic to taste

(Italian sausage(mild)

at times I use "hillshire" smoked Italian sausage)

salt for boiling water

1 med. bottle of "Prego" speghetti sauce

(I like to use the roasted garlic with mushrooms)

Pam( to spray cassarole dish



in a rolling boil of hot water, place noodles up to 12 minutes, or until noodles are slightly soften

while noodles are boiling, heat and brown meat and sausage, and since I use the 4% lean beef, no need to drain...

adding veggies, all chopped, continue to stir, then pour entire speghetti sauce in, for a slow simmer(don't forget to season your beef with your choice of spices)

preheat oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes:

on a piece of foil, lay out noodles to cool, being careful not to burn your fingers...smile...

now mix your cheeses, placing all cheeses in a bowl, and the egg, as the egg plays like a glue

remember to save at least 1 cup of mozeralla for topping.

mix all together until a dough like substance, making sure egg has been broken and spread through out mixture.

Add some pepper to cheese about half a tea spoon, or to taste

Now the fun begins!

1st layer: your meat sauce

2nd: noodles

3: cheese

repeat for 3 layers, being very generous with cheese, as you may have some left over, if that happens, and you have a few noodles left, take all left overs and roll up and place in oven for bit size stuffed noodles.

the same foil paper you used to place the noodles on, can be used to cover lasagna .

bake for 35-45 minutes, or until all melted

remember your meat has already been browned... 

last 15 minutes, remove foil and let sit for a few minutes more

removing out of the oven, to cool for about 10 minutes before sliceing.






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- Edward Hersey Richards

-So True, Sugar


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