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The thing that makes pea soup so good is the peas themselves.
They get soft and even softer and give the soup that great creaminess.
Use things like onions and garlic if you like it and whatever spices appeal to you.
If you have a ham bone or ham itself, that will provide much of the flavor.
You can use an imersion blender if you have one, to get rid of any lumps.
I rather like the lumps because they squish down as you eat the soup and provide character. 
Have a nice warming time with it and remember it freezes well. 

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> Hello everyone, I have a question about pea soup I know you add ham but what else goes into it do you use chicken or beef broth? And I like it creamy I don't like it lumpy do you use milk or some kind of cream? I am sure use salt and or pepper taste period help!! LOL thanks in advance
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