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My particular microwave has a setting for cooking oatmeal. It works like a charm every time. I never have had a boil over when using that setting and have found the setting works well for other cereals too, including instant rice. My microwave is a Panasonic, and they have worked hard to see that their automatic settings work well. 
I have learned to generalize for recipes I don't know about. If something needs to cook very slowly I use the egg setting. For oatmeal, you want the water to just come to a boil then slow down and then stop.
Cooking times are affected greatly if you begin with differing water temperatures at the beginning of the cooking. Whatever temperature water you put into the container at the beginning, try to be consistent so that your final results will be the same each time. I love microwave cooking and use it whenever I can get away with doing so. 

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Hi Jude,
First, I try to use a very wide bowl, which seems to prevent boil-overs.  I also let the oats and water sit a few minutes before microwaving and stir prior to putting the bowl in the oven.  It  may also help to cook the oats on medium power but for a minute or two longer.  I can’t give you a specific time, so much depends on our particular oven.
Good luck.

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