[CnD] Questions About Making Mayonnaise with a Kitchen Machine

Food Dude cookinginthedark at att.net
Tue Jun 27 09:50:33 EDT 2017

As far as separating eggs, I use a large slotted serving spoon.

I place the spoon over a bowl and break the eggs into it.

The yoke remain  on the spoon and the white filters through.

Just pour the yoke into a separate bowl and move ahead...

Even a mini funnel can be used and of course egg separators are sold.

The Mice have one at Blind Mice Mart. It is a single egg separator and 
can hang across  a small bowl or cup to allow you to have your hands free.

In a pinch, I will also  just break the egg into my impeccably clean 
fingers and let the egg white run between my fingers into the bowl.

Then i drop the egg yoke into a separate bowl.

As far as testing the consistency of the mixture for adding oil, the 
safest thing to do for a blind individual would be to stop the mixer.

If using a stand mixer, you will have to be fast to  reach in and touch 
the mixture to see its consistency before the mixer comes around again...

if using a hand mixer, you can  hold the mixer on the opposite side of 
the bowl while feeling for the thickness...

Good Luck

Cooking in the Dark Gang

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