[CnD] red and white onions question

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I am not good enough to be able to tell them apart.
I don't like red onions which makes it perfectly easy for me.
If I did like them and waned to buy them, I would ask someone at the store which is which and put one of them in a different container, perhaps a small paper bag like a lunch bag, to keep them apart.
I buy a bag of onions of the white kind and put them in a bowl at home.
I would keep the red onion if I bought it, in a paper bag on the counter until I had cut it up. Hope this helps.

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> Hello, all:
> What is the easiest way for a totally blind person to tactually tell the difference between a red and white onion?  When I buy one of each type of onion from the store, I'm so concerned that I'll use the wrong onion for cooking instead of salads.  Thanks in advance for your ideas.
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