[CnD] MicroWave oven recommendations.

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I have a Hamilton Beach microwave. I bought over lays from Halo system:
They are inexpensive and work very well. Oh, and my GF tells me that they are aesthetically pleasing. I also have a set for the oven on my digital range.

Stan B
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Ok, first, I know about the talking one, use to own the "TEMO," which had been sold by many stores for as little as $79, but, ours, is going out, starting to smell electronically, so I need recommendations for ones which are blind friendly. I don't need something miniature, :) but good sized, but user friendly for us to use by your definition, or, easily modified to use, or maybe even with some kind of braille overlay either makeable or constructible. :) I presume that most of the later ones have menus of some type which aren't easily feasible without sight, so, recommendations are requested!
We have an LG 1200 watt now which we made a braille overlay for.
Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

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