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Wed Aug 23 17:13:34 EDT 2017

This baked spaghetti is pretty generic and nothing special.

but It is easy and my wife loves it...plus it goes great with my crab 
stuffed mushrooms...

I started by getting the chicken cooked.

Since it was frozen I decided to poach it. This way it would cook and 
thaw at the same time!

I put three frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts in my skillet with 
about 2 cups of water.

Covered and over medium high heat, they were going to take about 20 to 
30 minutes to cook.

Perfect! Enough time to get everything else ready so when the chicken is 
done, the spaghetti can be tossed together and slipped into the oven to 

So while the chicken was poaching, I got the water going for the pasta.

I filled up my awesome 6 quart Locking Lid Pasta Pot ( this great set 
gives you a 6 quart pot and a smaller 2 1/2 quart pot all for under 
$30.00 from the MiceILA store in BlindMiceMegaMall.com) about 2/3 of the 
way with water and put it over high heat to bring it to a boil!

The chicken is poaching and the water for the pasta is getting heated up...

I pulled out the mushrooms to slice...and if you read my previous post 
about he stuffed mushrooms, you know where seeing these nice, big 
mushrooms lead!

So after creating the delicious stuffed mushrooms, my chicken was ready 
to be turned and the water for  the pasta was boiling.

I added a bag of no yokes egg noodles, about 10 ounce bag, to the water 
and set a timer for 7 minutes.

I did not want the pasta to cook all the way since it was going to be 
faked too and I hate soggy, limp, squishy pasta!

I turned the chicken breasted over and seasoned with some garlic powder, 
salt, pepper, and some of this and that; replaced the lid, and went back 
to the mushrooms.

I sliced 4 of these big guys down after cleaning with a damp paper towel 
and grated about 3 cups of mozzarella cheese.

I grabbed the jar of Prego pasta sauce from the pantry just as the timer 
sounded for the pasta.

I turned off the fire under the pasta, put on my Cooking in the Dark 
Grips, and took the locking lid pot to the sink.

A quick flip and the water was draining out...no strainer needed because 
it is built in in the lid!

Then I removed the lid and ran cold water over the pasta to stop it from 
cooking ( ala Henry Casten, may he rest in peace!)

and set it back on the stove top.

I added in my sliced mushrooms and pasta sauce and  gently stirred, 
folded, mixed...anyway I combined it all together.

Now for the chicken.

I used some silicone covered tongs to grab the chicken and placed in a 
bowl in the sink.

i ran cold water over the chicken to cool it since I needed to shred it.

I ended up cutting them in half and returning to the water to cool.

When they were cool enough to handle, not really cold and still a bit 
more than just warm, I threaded them with a fork.

All of the threaded chicken went into the pot with the pasta, sauce and 

I sprayed a 9 by 13 glass cake pan with veggie spray and tossed in the 
mixture from the pot.

Next the mozzarella cheese was plopped on top and  byre carefully and 
gently stirred, mixed, folded...combined!

The pan was covered with foil and went into the oven, remember 325 F, 
for about 30 minutes!

While it was baking I threw together a salad and just like that dinner 
was served!

Did I say the Mushrooms were outstanding and delicious?

Keep on Cooking!

Dale Campbell

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