[CnD] Dinner Last Night - Stuffed Mushrooms

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That really sounds good! Yummy!

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Howdy All,

I was making baked spaghetti last night and when I got out the mushrooms 
to slice and add to my spaghetti, I found some really nice large ones.

They were about 2 and a half to 3 and a half inches in diameter...quite 
nice for white mushrooms and they were perfect for stuffing.

I had some Stove Top stuffing so away I went...

I used 2 cups of the stuffing and a cup of water, combining in a 
microwave safe bowl.

I also added about 1 teaspoon, maybe closer to 2 teaspoons of salt and 2 
teaspoons of Old Bay to the stuffing and water..

I tossed this in the microwave after stirring it around a bit to combine 
the salt wit & Old Bay with the stuffing...I probably should have done 
this before adding the  water, but no harm no foul because it was after 
I added the water that I remembered I had a can of crab meat in the pantry.

I microwaved the stuffing on high for 4 and a half minutes with the 
Magic Chef Talking microwave confirming this information when I started it.

While the stuffing was cooking, I picked 8 nice, large white mushrooms 
that would be spared from being sliced and added to my spaghetti and 
would instead be stuffed!

I broke off the stems and set them aside. They will be great chopped and 
tossed in the spaghetti.

I cleaned he mushroom caps with a damp paper yowl and set them aside  to 
wait for the stuffing to be done.

While waiting on the stuffing, I grated about  a cup of mozzarella cheese.

When the stuffing was done, i carefully removed the lid so I would not 
get burned by any steam that would escape when the lid was cracked.

A couple of quick fluffs with a fork and the stuffing was ready for the 
next addition...the crab meat!

I added the crab meat and the cheese, stirring to combine and mix well.

The stuffing was hot so the cheese began to melt in and after a small 
test, I knew I had hit a home run!

I pulled a small pan, 8 by 12, from the cupboard and added about a cup 
of water to it.

Then I generously stuffed each mushroom cap and put in the pan.

When all 8 mushrooms had  been stuffed, I put them in the preheated 325 
F oven to bake for about 30 to 45 minutes...

actually I put them in and then finished making the baked spaghetti and 
let the mushrooms and the spaghetti bake for about 30 minutes...so the 
mushrooms had about 45 minutes of total bake time!

They were awesome and really enhanced the baked spaghetti!

These will be coming to a Cooking In The Dark Show soon!

They were too easy and so good!

It would be a crime not to make them on the Cooking in The Dark Show for 
all our listeners!

Keep on Cooking!

Dale Campbell

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