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Jamie, Good to find you here too. Fry the spam first. Then cut it up when cool enough. I like to fry it until it gets a bit crisp, not burnt, but enough so it releases most of its grease. The microwave works for this too, but cover the dish so as to avoid splattering.
Now, make your macaroni dish as usual, add some of the chopped up spam, and other vegetables of your choice, prepared how you like best, and warm for 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven.
Alternatively, do the same, but with a can of baked beans of your choice, with or without the pasta. The pasta and spam cut the sweetness of the baked beans. I like bushes best because there is less vinegar.

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Hi, I am making macaroni and cheese tonight and have heard spam goes well with it.  Can anybody give me any ideas on how to doctor this recipe up and add more fun things in or on this concoction to make it more fun to eat or have spiced up?  Thanks and have a blessed day.


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