[CnD] For the Food Dude: Bugout Recipes

Nicole Massey nyyki at gypsyheir.com
Fri Sep 1 00:02:52 EDT 2017

So, since our fearless leader is down in the thick of things, I'd like a
word on how things are going at the home spread down there, and what
suggestions you've got for recipes when you've got to be somewhere else than
at home. Things like what someone who was blind could cook at a Texas State
park, camping out in a friend's backyard, or other bug out spots. Though
Houston's getting it right now, we've had other areas that've taken the hard
punches and there'll be more ahead, and folks still got to eat. Thoughts?
And Dale, what's the word? Did you and the fam manage to get out alright?
How about the mice -- did they have to do a lot of swimming? And what's for

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