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I'd like glass, too, but the thing I like about the Tupperware one is that things don't stick if my friend follows the direction.  Mine I had from somewhere else does stick.  <g<  But I'm sure anything that works is great; beats not having omelets if we don't want to cook them another way.  <g<

Deb B.

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I found an omelet maker at Wal-Mart and it is great in the microwave. I think it was around $7 or so, but I don't remember for sure now. I would love to find one made out of glass or ceramic instead of plastic. The concept works really well, but I don't like cooking in plastic because of health concerns. Meanwhile, I am using the plastic version. I didn't know Tupper Ware had one too, but do know their version is more expensive than the one I found.

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Some blind folks do quite nicely making omelets.  I'm not one of them, however.  I took a cooking class once that promised "perfect" omelets.  I told the instructor mine wouldn't be perfect.  Oh yes it will, he said.  Well, ... it wasn't.  <g<  But some folks are great at it.

There's this new Tupperware omelet maker for the microwave that is really neat.  So long as you don't use a lot of fat, it just slides out of the pan.  You start with the veggies on the bottom, and you add the cheese after the omelet is done.  (the heat melts the cheese)  When I get mine, I'll give directions, but I have a sighted friend that loves hers.

Deb B.

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