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I own to coffee stores and I also am a coffee roaster. Are used commercial grade espresso machines several days a week. The only thing I needed any a site, the only thing I needed any site of assistance for, was the initial set up of the machines. I did not want to go through the trouble of putting thermal couples in to make the gauges readable by audio, so I had to help setting p.m. national boiler pressure. Other than that making drinks took a little training, but it works well. And boy does Siri messed this up, anyway I did not want to try to measure boiler pressure myself, so I needed help with the initial set up. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have if I have an answer! Gerry

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I’m curious to know if anyone is using an espresso machine. In particular
Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine or Rancilio HSD-SILVIA
Espresso Machine.

Can they speak to the level of ease with which they can operate it and
produce consistent espresso? Also, how easy is either one to maintain and
clean? Is there another model that one would recommend? 

Not looking to get a cheap espresso maker. So before I consider something a
bit pricier, I want to be sure that I’d be able to use and maintain it
safely since we’re talking about steam and whatnot.


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