[CnD] i have a question about this liquid level indicator

Food Dude cookinginthedark at att.net
Sun Oct 1 20:57:45 EDT 2017

It takes a coin cell battery.

I think it is a lr44 (maxell brand.

Best to take the battery with you so in case they carry a different 
brand they can cross reference the battery so you get the right one.

I think it takes either 2 or three of them.


On 9/30/2017 1:42 PM, Randy Tijerina via Cookinginthedark wrote:
> Hi Dale and all.....Randy Tijerina here..thanks for accepting me.
> I pray someone can help me with this......I got this liquid level indicator from I believe blind mice.
> it plays this lovely classical piece......a piano piece....like that one for the Mcdonald's piano recital commercial.
> anyhow, I am curious....if soeone can tell me if they got it..what size batteries they take?
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