[CnD] preparing corn muffins.

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Hi Jeffrey, I use an ice cream scoop, or a 1/3-cup measure to put the
batter into the wells of the muffin pan. I also use a canning funnel.
A canning funnel is a kind of funnel with a huge opening at the
bottom. Surrounding that opening (which is the size of the  top of the
typical mason jar, is a kind of shield (the top of the funnel) and
that prevents you from spilling the contents you are pouring or
ladeling inside the jar on the outside of the jar. A canning funnel is
particularly useful for filling muffin tins with muffin or cupcake
batter because it prevents you from spilling batter on the outside of
the well. Just move it from well to well as you fill each one.

Hope this makes sense, and hope it helps.

You can buy a canning funnel at a hardware store or a grocery store
which sells canning supplies.

Here's a link to a canning funnel at Amazon.com:


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> oh ok don't have an icecream scoop, but i use aunt jemima self rising
> corn meal that has everything in it so i add the meal butter milk and
> the egg.  and go by the directions on the bag.
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