[CnD] preparing corn muffins.

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Try using an ice cream scoop. Use the kind where the batter can be flipped
from the scoop right into the pans. But you have to use your fingers to tell
where the batter is going. I don't know any other way. I haven't made them
in a long time. But that's what I did. Or, you can make them in a square
pan. You won't have muffins, but it works too.  that worked for me. I don't
recommend using the paper liners.  

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Hello, I am Jeffry Miller, new to the list, I am totally blind, and, i was
wondering about an easy way to prepare corn muffins.  i use aunt jemima self
rising corn meal so making up the batter is not the problem. 
My problem is getting the mixture into the corn muffin pan.  Which is the
best teknique?  Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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