[CnD] cooking bacon

david pearson dpearson9 at wi.rr.com
Thu Oct 19 19:06:42 EDT 2017

Using a microwave. Put bacon on a paper plate, cover with paper 
towel. You have to experiment with cooking time because all 
microwaves are different. Start with one or two pieces for two 
minutes and go from there.  Once you find the time you like it will 
never change. Take the bacon off the paper plate and toss the plate 
with the grease and the paper towel in the trash. It can't get any 
easier that that.

At 05:41 PM 10/19/2017, you wrote:
>Hi friends, Randy tijerina here.
>what are some of your best tips nd secrets for cooking bacon? say 
>for example...if you want to scramble eggs...or whatever?
>Without all that grease?
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