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Hey there. I like to use a cooking bag. The instructions say to flour the inside of the bad and make sur to slit it. I cook it at 300 degrees and go about 20 minutes per pound. You can raise the temperature to 350 dgs and allow for 15 minutes per pound, but I like it cooked slowly. I salt and pepper it, putting spices under the skin and inside the cavity. I add poultry seasoning as well. Any other spices that inspire you are good. I put fresh veggies in the cavity: celery, carrot, onion, bell pepper, and an apple. Granny Smith green is the best. I use a whole stick of real butter and break into small pieces and put under the skin, concentrating on the breast. 

I do not use stuffing in my turkey but make dressing in a separate pan.
Regina Marie

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Could someone please tell me how long to cook a whole turkey?    This will
be our first thanksgiving without my mom and the duty of cooking the turkey is falling on my nephew and me.  We would like to doctor the turkey with some spices or seasonings or something like that.  Thanks for all of your help.  mike


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