[CnD] Shiner Boch Beer Bread Recipe Revisited

Nicole Massey nyyki at gypsyheir.com
Sun Nov 5 22:26:03 EST 2017

Hey, folks, here's a report for you about the Shiner Boch beer bread recipe
Dale posted on July 26.
The mighty roommate and I were heading to a potluck thing, so we made up a
pair of loaves of this bread with one ingredient change -- loaf 1 had a
bottle of Summer Honey beer, while #2 used an oatmeal stout.
Both were delicious, but #1 seemed a bit less flavorful in comparison with
#2, which was very popular. #2 also got a bit crispy on the very outer
crust, which added a great flavor, and it was the moister of the two. And of
course #1 was a light loaf, while #2 was far darker, at least according to
those who said anything about the look.
It went extremely well with the Yuppie Stew and tamales the hostess
provided. (Of course, that may be because most things go great with Yuppie
We brought about a half of both loaves home from a gathering of twelve
people. (The roommate's pumpkin cookies were entirely consumed, however,
which isn't surprising because I dislike pumpkin but even I'll eat these
So experiment with your beers for this bread recipe, because you can get
excellent results.

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